Definition of the marketing mix variables and drafting of an International Marketing Plan

Guide to Preparing a Marketing Plan

A practical guide to preparing a marketing plan written by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Marketing plan for the manager

A short extract from the book written by Philippe Villemus that explains the keys to design a marketing plan that will allow you to gain more profit, turnover and customers.

Marketing and market research

Guide for the preparation of a marketing plan and a market study, drawn up by the Agency for the Development and Supervision of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (ADEPME)

The case method and the marketing plan by Thematic Digital University in Economics and Management

The aim of the document, written by AUNEGE: Thematic Digital University in Economics and Management, is to make students aware of the use of Method of marketing cases.

The marketing mix

6 steps for a good approach to Mix Marketing and 4P

A model of marketing plan

Document explaining how to write an effective marketing plan

How to Develop a Marketing Plan in 2minutes

Brief description of how to develop a marketing plan from the official youtube channel of

Marketing strategy in 4 videos

Four videos about the strategy marketing

Guide Of Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan Guide is designed to be used as a source document in entrepreneurship training programs and to guide entrepreneurs in planning the marketing process.

Definition of the variables of the marketing mix and drawing up of the international marketing plan

Export Marketing Plan

A presentation at the Greek International Business Association (SEVE), which presents the main aspects of an export marketing plan. The presentation is in Greek.

The marketing mix

The video is part of a series entitled “My Export” prepared by Marchet, Agency of the Ancona Chamber of Commerce. In this episode they  talk about marketing mix and specifically about  the factors Product Price Production.The product has to be adapted to international markets? What is the right price? Through which channels will be distributed? All typical questions of who start up  a process of internationalization, which are answered in this MyExport video.

The Marketing Mix

The webpage offers inputs for the definition of the Marketing Mix.

E-Book: I want to export, where do I start?

BBVA’s e-book with information supporting business internacionalization.

Sales and Retail Calculators

Sales calculators online for calculations related to sales including sales variables in marginal analysis for gross margin, gross profit, markup, revenue and cost. Sale percentage off and fraction off calculators, as well as a sales tax calculator.

Presentation: International Marketing Plan

Aspects to take into account to carry out a marketing plan in the context of globalization.