The attractiveness of the agro-food sector

Guidelines on the use of operational tools of international organizations for Country Analyses

The document offers an overview of the main operational tools for Country Analyses provided by official websites of international and regional organization (i.e., the World Bank, the OECD, the EU). Since the tools can be used worldwide, the Guidelines are in English.

Guidelines on the use of operational tools for Country Analyses

The document offers an overview of the main operational tools for Country Analyses provided by official websites of Italian organizations promoting business internationalization, such as ICE and SACE. The following document is in Italian.

ICE Country Attractiveness Assessment Tool

One of the most important decisions to be taken in the internationalization process is target countries selection. The tool of the Italian Trade Promotion Agency (ICE), i.e. an excel file together with its tutorial, is a useful support for a first assessment of the attractiveness of the target markets. The following documents are in Italian.

Internationalization strategies and marketing guide for clusters

“SME cooperation and clustering PROJECT”, conducted by T.R. the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of science, industry and technology, aims to develop a clustering approach for the competitiveness of SMEs in international markets. The set has been prepared in order to guide and contribute to their development.

The document is in Turkish.

Internalization and SMEs

Globalization, new markets, competition and place of SMEs in internalisation, threats and opportunities, and the role of KOSGEB,and subsidies are discussed.

This document is in Turkish.

Promoting attractiveness, competitiveness and internationalisation of Agro-food Clusters

This newsletter explains how behaves the agri-food market in Europe, and how to optimize the growth curve in the Economic world economic volume as the sector moves. There is also a presentation at fairs and events related to this whole world

The agribusiness sector in France

The site describes the LR Food Food sector in France explaining the sector’s economic data

Agricultural markets and prices

The European Commission closely monitors the price situation and markets developments for agricultural commodities and food and publishes various reports throughout the year that can be used as tools by different stakeholders, as:

  • Commodity price monitoring
  • EU prices for selected representative products
  • Short-term outlook for the arable crop, meat and dairy markets
  • Medium-term outlook with the prospects for agricultural markets and income
  • Markets Briefs
  • Food supply chain
  • Statistics on agricultural markets

Food & Agriculture in Greece

The page describes the competitive advantages offered by Greek primary production in order to competitively enter and remain in global markets, making food and agriculture one of the most dynamic and high-growth sectors in Greek manufacturing.

The agri-food sector is consolidated as the first industry of the Spanish economy

Growth in recent years in relation to other sectors, Spain’s position in Europe and worldwide, and direct investment in the sector.

Strategic lines for the internationalization of the agri-food sector (Government of Spain - 2013)

Background, growth opportunities, agri-food business needs in terms of internationalization, sectoral diagnosis, strategic lines, monitoring and evaluation.

Sustainability in the purchase decision

Factors that influence the purchase decision (sustainability and importance of certifications)

Users buy more and more Premium and Gourmet products

Factors that influence the purchase decision (consumers perception and emotional component).

Innovation in agrifood industry. Features and success factors

Main characteristics of innovation in agrofood industry and factors of success in the innovative firms.

Buying and consumption habits of agrifood products 2016

Survey consumer habits, fulfill their objective of knowing more in depth the consumer, inform him on aspects related to the food industry, improve their protection and knowledge, as well as promote Responsible and Sustainable Consumption.