Barriers to internationalization

Guidelines on the use of operational tools of international organizations for Country Analyses

The document offers an overview of the main operational tools for Country Analyses provided by official websites of international and regional organization (i.e., the World Bank, the OECD, the EU). Since the tools can be used worldwide, the Guidelines are in English.

Guidelines on the use of operational tools for Country Analyses

The document offers an overview of the main operational tools for Country Analyses provided by official websites of Italian organizations promoting business internationalization, such as ICE and SACE. The following document is in Italian.

ICE Country Attractiveness Assessment Tool

One of the most important decisions to be taken in the internationalization process is target countries selection. The tool of the Italian Trade Promotion Agency (ICE), i.e. an excel file together with its tutorial, is a useful support for a first assessment of the attractiveness of the target markets. The following documents are in Italian.

Barriers in foreign markets

Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. The portal of the  State’s Commerce Secretary, where it is possible to locate the barriers that affect your business in foreign markets.

FOE's Educational Tool: How to open new external markets in Huelva's Agroalimentary Industry.

Federation of Enterpreneurs of Huelva. The agroalimentary enterprise of Huelva. Internationalization as a growth opportunity in the agroalimentary industry; Where to export; Public support to internationalization and corporate financing.

Virtual Class

ICEX Spain Export and Investments. Video database of conferences about the internationalization of enterprises.

Market Access Database - Trade barriers reported to the Commission

This section give information about trade barriers reported to the European Commission – and an overview of what the EU is doing to remove them. Available in English

Barriers to Trade

New or changing technical regulations in different countries can create unnecessary and unjustified technical barriers to trade. Discrepancies between product rules can impose additional costs on exporting enterprises and restrict inter-EU trade. The European Commission’s objective is to prevent the creation of these barriers and help enterprises trade freely in the EU and beyond.

Main problems of internationalitation of Spanish agroalimentary cooperatives.

Identification of the main problems starting from a group of spanish cooperatives internationalized. Teresa FAYOS GARDÓ y Haidée CALDERÓN GARCÍA.

Global imbalances and developing countries

Redressing global imbalances in order to face the process of many developing countries that simultaneously have turned from deficit into surplus economies. Mercedes Marcó del Pont (Governor of Argentina’s Central Bank)

Assessment of the regulatory and physical accessibility of the target market

The document edited by France Business, highlights how the international dimension adds a feature through the study of the accessibility of the target country, which is to identify and analyze the constraints that may hinder the  intromission into the market.

The constraints related to the product

When you market a product in a foreign country, it is necessary to consider some technical and commercial aspects. In this document, we try to understand the these aspects, included changes or transformations in oder to make to better market the product and satisfy the foreign customers.

Your obligations related to intra-Community transactions

This document written by Business France, deals with the free cirucolation taking into account the constraints maintained for certain products, regulations, and tax treatment and declarative obligations too.

The tax aspects of your operations abroad

During intra-Community transactions, you have to pay local taxes that the tax territoriality rules prevents recover. The document drafted by France Business explains the diffuculties of cash which anyone can cope.

Evaluation of risks of non- payment

The risk of non-payment regards a situation where the client refuses to pay or is financially unable to do it. The document, edited by France Business, shows you solutions to reduce or avoid these risks and to quickly assert your rights.

Competitiveness of the Turkish food sector in international markets, and Criteria and Barriers in Exporting

In this document; The place and importance of the food industry in the economy of Turkey and the world; The competitiveness of Turkish food businesses in international markets; Necessary standards in the food sector and non-tariff barriers and recommendations are discussed. The document is in Turkish.

International Business Management

Internationalization in terms of businesses, the importance of the international market, the basic decisions of international marketing and the barriers to global competition have been addressed. This document is in Turkish.

Trade Barriers

Market Access Database

The Market Access Database is an official database prepared by the European Commission to inform SMEs about trade barriers reported to the Commission – and an overview of what the EU is doing to remove them.The database is in English

The potentiality wherewithal of the country

Agricultural Production Risk Sources and Risk Strategies: The Case of Antalya Province

The aim of this study is to determine risk sources and risk strategies in the agricultural production season in Antalya province. The data used in the study were collected from randomly selected 143 farms located Merkez, Manavgat and Serik districts of Antalya province by using questionnaire method. The document is in Turkish.