The economy of agri-food markets

Food and Beverage: trends 2016

Study on the trends 2016 of the sector of Food and Beverages in Spain. The study includes a chapter on the impact that the UK’s exit from the EU will have on the sector. In the link you can find an article that summarizes the main conclusions of the study.

The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets Trade and food security: achieving a better balance between national priorities and the collective good

The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets attempts to clarify the role of trade in contributing to improved food security and nutrition and to contribute to the debate on the rationale for, and approaches to, managing trade in agricultural and food products.
The objectives of this edition of The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets are to reduce the current polarization of views on the impacts of agricultural trade on food security and on the manner in which agricultural trade should be governed to ensure that increased trade openness is beneficial to all countries. By providing evidence and clarity on a range of topics, the report seeks to contribute to a more informed debate on policy choices and to identify required improvements in the policy processes within which these choices are made. This document is in English

Financial Performance Analysis in Agricultural Enterprises

This article examines how financial performance can be measured and analyzed in agricultural enterprises. First, it is emphasized why financial performance measurement and analysis are important, then the main elements of the data needed to measure financial performance, reference values and ratios as key criteria of profitability, liquidity, debt solvency and productivity are emphasized. Later, the calculation of the ratios and the comparison of the ratios with the reference values are discussed for evaluating the financial performance of an operator and the importance of the need for a healthy database is emphasized. This document is in Turkish.

Agricultural Finance in the World and in Turkey

It is necessary to investigate whether Turkey needs an agricultural finance system same as the ones in developed countries in order to solve the problems of the agricultural finance or not. In this study, it is investigated to form a financial structure in which commercial banks, cooperatives, leasing and factoring institutions together with insurance companies take place and an appropriate model is suggested. This document is in Turkish.

Online tools for competitors’ analysis


Online marketing toolbox providing, also in the free version, a lot of features such as the search and analysis of competitors. The web site is available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian. The video tutorial and the guide are in English. is aimed at supporting companies that already operate on foreign markets in monitoring results, offering them benchmarks to assess their trade performance. The access to most of the functionalities intends payment.
In particular, provides, with constant updating, quarterly import dynamics of the various relevant international markets for a given industry / industry / product, both in terms of total Imports and Imports from major competing countries.

Agrifood Market Trade

Annual Agri-food trade report 2015: EU still world's leading exporter

EU Agri-food exports reached €129 billion in 2015, accounting for more than 7% of all goods exported from the EU last year. Although some Member States and sectors still suffered from the Russian import ban and from low world market prices, the overall EU agricultural trade performance was positive in 2015, as it has been for the last 10 years, increasing by nearly 6% on 2014 levels