Management of organizational, commercial, technological, economic and financial dynamics in light of business internationalization

Small business and internationalisation: an organisational issue

Starting from the analysis of the organization of  SMEs already operating in international markets, this article is intended to provide useful insights for companies seeking to open up new markets.

Guide to the globalization of markets and new forms of cooperation and integration of SMES

The guide aims to be a useful handbook for managers of small and medium-sized enterprises to consider the internationalization of their activities in foreign markets. The guide is in Greek

Agricultural Entrepreneurship-Marketing of Agricultural Products

The main purpose of the theme is to help learners understand the basic concepts related to rural entrepreneurship and marketing of agricultural products within the food marketing system. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the business plan, the importance of orientation in marketing philosophy and marketing strategy for the disposal of agricultural value added products through an integrated marketing mix that will determine the success of a competitive differentiation strategy for Greek agricultural business.

COSME. Europe’s programme for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Webpage of the programm of the European Comission supporting SME . You will find important information in the following links: The European Single Market, European Standardisation System and Access to markets information

Supporting SME internationalization: How to support SME policy with Structural Funds

A guide for policy-makers, stakeholders and management bodies, especially at regional level, who wish to help small and medium-sized enterprises take advantage of the opportunities offered by the international market, both in the EU and around the world, with support of Structural Funds.

Spanish Office of the Patents and Brand

The OEPM is the Public Organism responsible for the registration and the granting of the different modalities of Industrial Property in Spain.

ICEX Spain Exports and Investments

ICEX Spain Exports and Investments is a national public entity whose mission is to promote the internationalization of Spanish companies. Their webpage gives useful information to new and experienced exporters.

Support to SME internationalization: selection of best practices

Globalization and Globalization Process of Companies: Opportunities and Threats Encountered

This study investigates the globalization and its dynamics, highly mentioned topic in business world along with opportunities and threats. The study will also outline the globalization process and opportunities and threats experienced in this process. This document is in Turkish

The Process of Globalization on A Case Of Globalization and The Role of Multinational Companies

In this study, the definition of the phenomenon of globalization, the historical development, the size and scope of globalization, the rapid and profound change in the world, and to clarify the multinational Corporations, the effect of the process of globalization and the role of the last fifty years, especially over the review period targeted. This document is in Turkish.

SMEs' internationalization: an analysis with the Concept of resources and competencies

In this article, it is attempted to propose an integrative reading of the contributions of the approaches. The purpose is twofold: (1) to review the three approaches describing the process of internationalization of SMEs, and (2) to reformulate the contributions of these three approaches around the federator concept of resources and competencies. The concept of resources and competencies hasn’t been developed specially for SMEs. However, it offers an analytical tool general and adaptable to permit the formulation of these different approaches. This document is in English.

Ecofin manual

Ecofin manual by European Commission: In its own analysis of the results and sustainability of development projects needs the European Commission has undertaken a reflection leading the development of this manual. The methodology allows to highlight the main financial and economic information

Dynamics of the internationalization process of SMEs

This document, drafted by the World Trade Organization, examines in detail the dynamics of the internationalization process of SMEs, in particular the role of size Companies in the launch and continuation of this process and The impact of internationalization on the performance of companies.

The internationalization of country risk: a challenge for multinational enterprises?

Document on new risks and the need for management for multinational enterprises prepared by BSI Economics (a non-profit association which brings together 50 economists who are anxious to share their expertise and their analyzes in economic and financial matters)

Building a dynamic internationalization capacity: The case of a small company in Nord-Pas-de-Calais

The limited means of small enterprises are a brake on the development of their activities. Based on this observation, the question arises as to whether a small firm can build a dynamic capacity for internationalization in terms of the resources it requires. Document distributed by AIMS (International Association of Strategic Management)

Driving the internationalization of SMEs A process driven by the skills of the management team

This article, written by François Pantin, lecturer in management sciences at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management of the University of Maine, is positioned in a perspective of enriching the work dealing with Of the process of internationalization, and in particular of the models Uppsala and Innovation, through the mobilization of the resources approach And skills.

COSME. Europe’s programme for small and medium-sized enterprises

Webpage of the programm of the European Comission supporting SME . You will find important information in the following links: The European Single Market, European Standardisation System and Access to markets information

The Opportunities of Made in Italy Food in Chinese Market

Working Paper No . 15/WP/20 13 ISSN 1827-3580
The present study of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice aims to outline the market potentiality of the Italian agro-food sectors which enjoy higher competitiveness. It also focus on some issues concerning the positioning of such food products in Chinese market. The study analyze issues such product imitations, food safety and fair competition.

The Italian Food Sector Future Growth in Thai’s Market By Prof. Edel Lemus, M.I.B.A.(USA)

The purpose of this article is to explore recent existing trends of opportunities in launching a new product in Thai’s market such as Italian Pasta. In addition, Bella Pasta Italiana is a fictitious company that introduces a SWOT analysis in the literature review that discusses, in depth, the main strategies of Bella Pasta Italiana doing business in Thailand. Moreover, Bella Pasta Italiana will adopt a marketing mix business strategy proposed by Griffin and Pustay (2015).

Food Culture Distance: An Antecedent to Export Marketing
Strategy Adaptation - An Empirical Examination of Swedish and Finnish Food Processing Companies

Goudarz Azar a Ph.D. Student, Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala, , Sweden.
Building on previous research, this paper introduces a model for operationalizing the construct food culture distance. Data were gathered via a mail survey of Swedish and Finnish food exporters. The results indicate a significant correlation between food culture distance and the extent of product adaptation. However, product adaptation does not affect export performance, implying that other factors, along with marketing strategy, may influence export performance.
International Food and Agribusiness Management Review Volume 14, Issue 3, 2011

Balocco internationalization storytelling

Il Sole24ore, 30/11/2016
In this article Mr Alberto Balocco, describes the strategies of growth in foreign markets in the next few years for his company, specializing in the production of sweets for almost 90 years.

Chocolate maker Zaini exports’storytelling

ItalyEurope24, by il Sole24Ore
The company exports 50% of its production in 75 countries. The core markets are in Europe – France, Spain, the UK and the Balkans – but the fastest-growing regions are the United Arab Emirates and the Far East.

L’internazionalizzazione come opportunità per le PMI

Il documento, a cura della IBS Italia Spa, suggerisce le modalità, attraverso lo studio di un caso pratico, per l’internazionalizzazione delle PMI.