The Country’s potential

Guidelines on the use of operational tools of international organizations for Country Analyses

The document offers an overview of the main operational tools for Country Analyses provided by official websites of international and regional organization (i.e., the World Bank, the OECD, the EU). Since the tools can be used worldwide, the Guidelines are in English.

Guidelines on the use of operational tools for Country Analyses

The document offers an overview of the main operational tools for Country Analyses provided by official websites of Italian organizations promoting business internationalization, such as ICE and SACE. The following document is in Italian.

ICE Country Attractiveness Assessment Tool

One of the most important decisions to be taken in the internationalization process is target countries selection. The tool of the Italian Trade Promotion Agency (ICE), i.e. an excel file together with its tutorial, is a useful support for a first assessment of the attractiveness of the target markets. The following documents are in Italian.

ICE - Market Projections Tool

The excel tool allows users to make projections of market potential in the target country previously selected, taking account of the company’s business sector. A tutorial and two appendices explain the tool’s functions. All the following documents are in Italian.

Foreign trade and international business activities

The document, a collaborative effort between the ISTAT – National Institute of Statistics and Ice – Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies, aims to provide economic and institutional traders broad base of information on trade in goods and services and foreign direct investment in Italy.

The potentiality wherewithal of the country

The SME Internationalization Portal

The SME Internationalization Portal is an official database prepared by the European Commission to help businesses search for experts with know-how and experience to support their internationalization. SMEs can search in their own country, their target country and other EU advice/help available. The database is in English

South America Countries Index Card

Orla is an observatory of relations with Latin America of the University of Pompeu Fabra. In the website there are many articles about Latin America’s market and dossiers on the country of the area. Issued by Universidad Pompeu Fabra / ORLA (Observatorio de Relaciones con Latinoamérica).

FOE's Educational Tool: How to open new external markets in Huelva's Agroalimentary Industry

Federation of Enterpreneurs of Huelva. The agroalimentary enterprise of Huelva. Internationalization as a growth opportunity in the agroalimentary industry; Where to export; Public support to internationalization and corporate financing.

Countries Directorate: template of countries

ICEX. Countries’ template with useful information to analyse the potential of a country.

External Markets' Studies

ICEX. Reports, market studies and other documents about external trade

Countries Index Card

ICEX. Templates of 52 countries with basic information, social indicators, economic indicators, economic relations with Spain, external sector, foreign currency, trade opportunities and useful contacts.

Index of Economic Freedom

Heritage Foundation is an American research and educational institution. The website provides reports, interactive maps and datas of the index of economic freedom of every country and of the world’s economy as a whole.

The Russian evolution: how can foreign businesses prepare to prosper?

PWC (consulting agency). A study focused on Russian market’s features and on advices to operate in a successful way in Russia’s market.

Cultural Intelligence for a successful global experience

Iceberg Cultural Intelligence. ICEBERG Inteligencia Cultural is a consulence agency who supports enterprises who want to operate in the Latin America’s market. On the web site there are several articles about Latin America’s market, its differencies and main features.

Innovation Landscapes: a study on innovation approaches in three selected EU member States

Collection, description, analysis and comparison of innovation processes in Finland, Germany and UK according to the innovation cycle, from policy definition to work programmes and then from project level to exploitation. Réka Torok (study of the European Commission)

The Role of Agroparks in Global Marketing of Branding of Turkish Agricultural Products

In this study, agroparks’ contribution to internationalization of Turkish branded agricultural products has been evaluated within a conceptual framework. The document is in Turkish.

Turkish Food Sector Report

Food and beverage industry in the world and Turkey, the exports and imports values and expectations are discussed. The document is in Turkish.

Greek Food - Beverage Sector

The current state of Greek food and beverage industry, production and finance facilities with the location of the countries competing in the Greek market, the level of competitiveness in the market are discussed. The document is in Turkish.

ExportPedia objectives: to know the export potential of Italian territories and monitor their evolution over time ExportPedia is addressed to enterprises, service providers, institutions It uses indicators such cyclical and trend variation rates, cumulative change rates for the last four quarters and annually.

Market Access Database

Exporting from the EU - what you need to know

The Market Access Database (MADB) is an official database prepared by the European Commission and gives information to companies exporting from the EU about import conditions in third country markets. The database is in English

Evaluate your export potential and Choose your target markets

The export diagnosis of your business

The export diagnosis will help to identify the strengths and the weaknesses of your business through relevant assessment indicators. In this document, edited by Business Rrance, you will have the tools to take corrective action to start to export in the best possible conditions.

The study of commercial accessibility

In this document, edited by Business France, there are steps to the examination of the existing commercial market situation in order to assess the chances of success. The examination of the competitive environment, the characteristics of the distribution and the opportunities in the field of communication provide all elements on which you will rely to build trade policy to be adapted to the local context.

The evaluation of the potential of a foreign market

In this document edited by Business France you will find information on the demand for the product you want to market it and its evolution in recent years, in order to identify the customers likely to be interested in your product and tailor your offers to its expectations.

The selection of target markets

In this document published by Business France describes how to refine the approach to select the markets that have the best potential for the company. It seems necessary to adopt a more proactive identification of lead markets initiative. This is not limited to the selection of regional groupings as they are made up of countries whose levels of wealth and development are different.

Achieving market research

This document published by Business France deals with the last passage to have a comprehensive knowledge of your target market. After the investigations in different areas as indicated by the three previous documents, the last job, which requires time and skills, will be conducted with great care in order to provide relevant and quality information.

Website Resources to select countries

It is a Portal designed to support companies in the choice of foreign markets to orient their internationalization actions. It is designed as a Decision Support System (DSS) within the International Market Selection (IMS) decision-making process. The access to most of the functionalities intends payment.