Implement the communication plan to support the international development of the business

Check-list for the development of a communication plan

This guide, published by the Quebec Ministry of Economic and Regional Development, will help you to identify the key elements that must be included in a communication plan

How to create a good event organization?

A complete guide created by the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises de Lille which explains how to make good event communication

3 financial management toolkits

A short guide, published by Comité sectoriel de main d’oeuvre économie sociale et action communautaire (CSMO-ESAC), which aims to popularize the mechanisms of financial management through simple and practical advices

The implementation of a 10-step communication plan

A guide realized by the Communication Committee of the AOMF which explains how to build in 10 steps a good communication plan

Training in event creation

A very complete guide, realized by Comevents, which explains all the steps to be followed for the success of an event

How to build a communication plan in 4 videos

These 4 videos will explain will explain you how to build a communication plan

The communication plan in 7 steps

Web page “Marketing for SMEs” which explains the steps of realization of a good communication plan

The role of marketing in agricultural products and foodstuffs

In this paper is initially presented the theoretical background for the agricultural products and food marketing to analysis of marketing functions and purposes, the efficiency and this significance. Then performed secondary research on export trade of agricultural products in relation to the problems faced by producers.

The Corporate Social Responsibility in the Greek Agrifood Sector

The Corporate Social Responsibility has become an essential factor involved in the process of customers choosing products or services. The Corporate Social Responsibility research has been conducted in many industries, especially the agri-food sector has a strong impact on the economy, the environment and the society.

Framework for Responsible Food and Beverage Marketing Communications

General overview and guidance on food and beverage advertising.Table of existing ICC principles with interpretation and commentary.

ICC Paper on Code Drafting : maintaining the effectiveness of self-regulation in marketing communications

Contents: General principles for the creation and revision of ICC Codes. Formal drafting and revision process. Obtaining stakeholder input

Greek glossary of Agricultural Entrepreneurship & Agricultural Marketing Terms

15 pages

Horrors of internationalization: the most common mistakes in a website addressed to foreign markets (1st episode)

Il Giornale delle PMI, 18/12/2014
The author says that in her analysis she have to fight with all kinds of inattention related to quality content. “I see the most common mistakes, starting with those most absurd: the wrong telephone numbers, English translations of poor quality, the literal translation of the privacy guidelines”. Read carefully your website and ask to other people to read it before you launch it…

Horrors of internationalization: the most common mistakes in a website addressed to foreign markets (2nd episode)

The author suggests to SMEs not to spare on translations, it is not worth it. They can then use remote native speakers, professional experts in the field and who know both their territory and Italian companies. What happens, however, when working people with good language skills but no knowledge of the product and the industrial sector? Disasters, you risk to mispresent your product or, for example in the agro food industry, introduce strange “ingredients” in your product.

Case Studies on Best Practice in External Marketing Communication
EATALY Case Study

Marciee Erasmus+ project, May 2015
The paper presents Eataly as example of best practice in marketing communication both at national and international level.
In the different countries where it operates it has different strategies: abroad, instead of regional products coming from small local producers, you can find well-known Italian brands used to attract foreign customers. The main segments of Eataly is people less sensitive to the price in favor of the quality of food.


This paper focuses on the web-marketing strategies adopted by the Italian Specialty Wineries (ISWs). The case study concerns a sample of 272 high quality wineries that have been selected to help investigate the level of Internet marketing in use.
4th International Conference of the Academy of Wine Business Research, Siena, 17-19 July, 2008.

The Opportunities of Made in Italy Food in Chinese Market

Working Paper No . 15/WP/20 13 ISSN 1827-3580 The present study of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice aims to outline the market potentiality of the Italian agro-food sectors which enjoy higher competitiveness. It also focus on some issues concerning the positioning of such food products in Chinese market. The study analyze issues such product imitations, food safety and fair competition.

The Italian Food Sector Future Growth in Thai’s Market By Prof. Edel Lemus, M.I.B.A.(USA)

The purpose of this article is to explore recent existing trends of opportunities in launching a new product in Thai’s market such as Italian Pasta. In addition, Bella Pasta Italiana is a fictitious company that introduces a SWOT analysis in the literature review that discusses, in depth, the main strategies of Bella Pasta Italiana doing business in Thailand. Moreover, Bella Pasta Italiana will adopt a marketing mix business strategy proposed by Griffin and Pustay (2015).

Food Culture Distance: An Antecedent to Export Marketing Strategy Adaptation - An Empirical Examination of Swedish and Finnish Food Processing Companie

Goudarz Azar a Ph.D. Student, Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala, , Sweden.
Building on previous research, this paper introduces a model for operationalizing the construct food culture distance. Data were gathered via a mail survey of Swedish and Finnish food exporters. The results indicate a significant correlation between food culture distance and the extent of product adaptation. However, product adaptation does not affect export performance, implying that other factors, along with marketing strategy, may influence export performance.
International Food and Agribusiness Management Review Volume 14, Issue 3, 2011

The role of marketing in agricultural products and foodstuffs

Kurumsal iletişim stratejisi, kuruluşun iletişimine ve stratejik toplumsal paydaşlarıyla ilişki kurmaya yönelik bir eğilimi gösterir.


Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Strategic Plan A plan that shows the activities that the ministry and the organizations in the region will carry out in order to increase the production with the policies that can be applied on Food, Agriculture and Livestock in Turkey between 2013-2017.dustries, especially the agri-food sector has a strong impact on the economy, the environment and the society.

Communication Plan

Develop a communication plan in nine steps

This template, published in, includes a series of questions to help staff identify the best approach for communicating with the clients and society. The document is in English. 

How to prepare a Communication Plan?

This article, edited by the European Commission, is a guideline of how a communication plan has to be carried out. The information is in English.

Foreign commerce

This document, edited by Feria Online, focuses on international marketing and explains some important aspects such as how to communicate when internationalizing. The following document is in Spanish.

The communication in the internationalization process of services

This article, published in website, offers some tips for successfully adapting the communication to each market where the firm will operate. The text is in Spanish.

Commercial strategies for internationalization

This post, published in website, offers an overview of the elements of the marketing mix, dedicating one section to communication. The text is written in Spanish.

Three tips to improve your international communication

This article, published in, is about the key attitudes to transmit your message successfully. It is available in Spanish.

Create a Communication Plan in 10 easy steps

This article, published in, explains how to create a communication plan in 10 steps. It also highlights the importance of knowing what to tell about your brand, when and how to do it. The article is written in Spanish.

Developing a plan for communication

This article, published in, shows how to develop a plan for communication to introduce the products and the objectives of the company. It is available both in Spanish and English.

Creating a Stakeholder Communications Plan

This document, edited by, is divided into several contents blocks in which it is explained what a stakeholder communications plan is, its planning framework and it presents some communication tactics. The document is in English.

Strategies and Internationalization Plan

This document, edited by EOI – Escuela de organización industrial, shows which structure must have an internationalization plan. In this case, the stage 5 refers to the communication policy. The document is written in Spanish.